Vita Verde is a beauty brand "made in Belgium" that offers natural skin care for all skin types. This cosmetics company develops effective and reliable natural formulas whose ingredients are selected with the greatest care from mineral or vegetable resources. Well-being through nature.


Vita Verde's values

Respect for the environment

The Vita Verde team does everything possible to present natural cosmetics products and to limit the negative impact of these products on the environment. The preservation of nature and the strict control of manufacturing processes are absolute priorities, for a more respectful vision of the cosmetics industry.


Respect for collaborators

Vita Verde's entrepreneurial spirit places its employees and partners at the heart of its concerns. Vita Verde favours local relationships and long-term partnerships for the well-being of everyone, in the development of a beauty brand with irreproachable ethics.


Respect for consumers

Each cosmetic treatment is designed and manufactured so that the customer can discover new quality beauty rituals at an affordable price. Through extensive research and meticulous quality controls, Vita Verde is committed to offering only natural products that respect nature and your health, in complete transparency.


"Vita Verde: beauty and well-being, of course."